The Elements

Astrology sees the elements as the basics of the world on which things in existence are being built. The elements in everyday life are something very powerful and even insuperable, some main nature forces which intervene in our lives.

Chakra astrology considers the elements to be the “powerful” chakra combinations. It appears that there are some special “alignments” of white and black chakras, which include the elements. There are four such “alignments”, one for each astrological element: the Fire, the Water, the Air, the Earth.

If direction of person’s chakras completely coincide or closely match the patterns, corresponding the elements, a “miracle” may be manifested in the life of such person in the form of powerful energetic events, perhaps, which happen even every day. A person seems to be driven by the elements. The dangerous side of this phenomenon is that we do not always understand which way we are driven to by these “bonuses” of the elements becoming the participants of great and important events when the life of a separate person is not so valuable. On the other hand, everything important happening in large egregores is very likely to use the energy of the elements. We can be the participants of the events but we should remember about the danger accompanying them.

Four main elements are divided into couples – the Fire/Water from the one side and the Air/Earth from another. The first couple of the elements “accumulates” material and ideological energy in human society and the second couple “absorbs” it. Outwardly it looks like the Fire/Water contributes to the increase of diversity of ideological and material manifestations. At the same time, the Air/Earth shortens this diversity by means of unification and standardization.

Besides that, there are “mixed elements”. It appears when the elements of the couple are combined. That is how additional derived elements like «the Fire-Water» и «the Air-Earth» appear. These phenomena are the attempts to answer the question how to combine the “ideal” and “material” principals in human life. A lot of unharmonious aspects appear in the phenomena of these derived elements but, on the other hand, they reflect the basic inharmonicity existing in the person’s life in the material manifestation.