Svadhisthana (Moon)

Chakra SvadhisthanaChakra Svadhisthana

Svadhisthana corresponds to the Moon. This planet symbolizes care, support and protection. The Moon equally concerns issues dealing with the question of what is essentially necessary for a person: a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency or a desire to "merge", i.e. to cooperate closely with other people. A desire to "merge" is associated with gaining care and support and independence – with giving energy, mainly on the physical and emotional level.

White Moon

White Moon gives the owner the energy that should be aimed at supporting and helping other people. On the other hand, if such person by circumstances appears to be in need, it is sometimes difficult for him not only to ask for help, but also to take it from others. White Moon likes to feel independence and self-sufficiency. That is why he prefers to deal with the matters and problems first of all, on his own, without any support from the outside.

Winston Churchill (White Moon) had a strong and independent temper. The expression: "Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong. The same way a child deprived of the attention of his father finds the strength and independence of spirit, rewarding him for his offences" belongs to him.

John Lennon (White Moon), the spiritual leader of "The Beatles", more than any other "Beatles" wanted to escape from the trap of commercial music. Leaving the world of show business, John completely flung himself into politics, and on January 5, 1970, he stated that the income from his songs and records will now be spent on the organization of the struggle for peace. In his testament John left half of his wealth to his wife and the other half was aimed at creation of a charity fund.

A person with the White Moon, as a rule, tries to take care about others, have them in his keeping in some material issues. It is very likely that he is also inclined for long-term investments, "investments" in anything, including other people. Giving Moon is the body which uses the initial potential, health and everything "material", including money and, in the extreme manifestation, random distribution of wealth throughout life. At the same time, the owner of the White Moon is comfortable with the luxury and all kinds of bells and whistles and, if necessary, is able to get along with small means. In addition, the White Moon is not only able to share the material benefits, but also to charge others with their emotional energy. An excellent sense of humor helps with that.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Moon:
If you want a thing well done, do it yourself. Never bother others if you can do something by yourself. Work up a sweat. One beats the bush, and seven others catch the bird. If you have a good sense of humor, the holiday is always with you. Cornucopia. Pour money down the drain. Throw one’s money away. Present gifts. Provide. Breadwinner. Philanthropist. Charity. Sponsor. Manufacturer. Supply. Support. Distribute. Expend. Help. Waste. Take Care. Protect. Patronize. Independence. Self-sufficiency.

Famous owners of the White Moon and relevant examples from their biographies:
Winston Churchill, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, John Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers.

Black Moon

In general, the Black Moon is a desire "to merge", to do something with someone. This indentifies the most important property of the Black Moon - the ability to attract people and to unite them. Owners of the Black Moon, as a rule, can’t stand the loneliness. They got used to rely on the support of others; they usually have a lot of friends and familiars who can help out in any given situation. Such people are very sociable, sometimes even beyond measure. They constantly need to discuss their personal matters and problems with someone, otherwise they fall vitally. Therefore, it is better for a person with the Black Moon to have a partner.

Fyodor M. Dostoevsky (Black Moon) wrote his famous novel "The Gambler", based on the personal negative experience of dependence on the game of roulette. Dostoevsky visited Bad Homburg three times and played the casino. He often lost in roulette large sums of money, getting into hopeless situations. Nevertheless, the great writer could cope with his passion (not without the help of the "outside") and he did not play at all for the last ten years of his life.

Since the Black Moon can give a tendency to all sorts of dependencies (alcohol, smoking, coffee, sweets, etc.), the owners need to monitor their health carefully. It is better not even to start drinking alcohol or smoke for them because it will be extremely difficult to get rid of bad habits. If such person really needs something and openly avows about it, he often gets it, even materially. In this case, people sometimes are surprised to discover that they simply can not refuse to help. By the way, a person with the Black Moon can help this way not only to himself but also to other people he asks for.

"To prosecute a war I need three things: firstly, the money, secondly, the money and thirdly, the money" - said Napoleon Bonaparte (Black Moon). Considering the army as a "good" which can bring quick profit, the great conqueror compared himself to a trader: "The leader is like a merchant having invested in business and expecting profit". However, the real sources of investments were the resources of the conquered states and French economy. The commander was only a "mediator".

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Moon:
It is easy to swim if another holds up your chin. Rope is solid with the third strand and people with the help. A man keeps using help like a bird wings. One man is no man. You cannot fly with one wing. One stone alone cannot grind corn. Two heads are better than one. Cry on someone’s shoulder. Get something off one’s chest to someone. Accept gifts. Accept help. Seek for support, sympathy. A bottomless pit. Consumer. Mediator. Ask. Need. Take. Absorb. Attract. Unite. Dependence. Connectedness. Cohesion. Union.

Famous owners of the Black Moon and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom Hanks, Sergei Yesenin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.