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"I understand much more since I have begun to understand myself"
Stefan Zweig

Astrology, including chakra astrology, gives a person the key to fuller and deeper understanding of own personality, other people and the world. To create your own chakra horoscope on our website you need to know the exact time and place of your birth. But first of all, we suggest you to get acquainted with the basic principles of chakra astrology:

  • Chakra astrology is based on the correspondence between human chakras and planets of the solar system:

  • The main characteristic of any chakra is the ability to give or absorb the energy. We call «the output» or «white» those chakras, which are mainly intended to give energy. Chakras, which are mainly disposed to the absorption of energy, are called «the input» or «black» ones.
  • There is an exchange of chakra energy between people in the process of communication. For example, in the picture you can see the scheme of chakra energy exchange for the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe and the 35th US president John Kennedy. According to the contemporaries, there was a passionate and tempestuous affair between them:

  • Chakra horoscope or the energy model of individuality (EMI) shows the arrangement of black and white human chakras and their quantitative indicators, in other words, the energy force of each chakra.
  • Each chakra (and its corresponding planet) is associated with a particular sphere of human being. Chakra horoscope answers the question "what forms of individuality will be inherent to the person in particular life area".
  • All in all, chakra astrology tells you about your temper by means of chakra horoscope and makes your psychological profile, using its own unique method.

  • We wish you success on the path of self-understanding!

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