Black and white chakras

Black and white chakrasThere are white and black chakras in chakra horoscope of any person. Usually it is either 3 white and 4 black chakras or vice versa - 4 white and 3 black ones.

Chakra color is rather a symbol of their main characteristic, i.e. the ability to produce the energy (white chakras) or consume it (black chakras). White chakras can also be called "the output", because energy mainly goes outside of them, and black - "the input", as they mainly serve as "gates" to take the energy.

People get involved in exchange processes of chakra energy while interacting and communicating with each other. Metaphorically, there appears electricity between chakras of different people. But, as it is known, the electric current flows between the opposite charges. To start the energy exchange for particular chakra, this person’s chakra should be charged "positively" and other person’s chakra - "negatively". "Chakra current" flows from white to black chakras. White chakras are like stars emitting light, and black - like "black holes" absorbing everything around them. That is why they look black.

Schemes of energy exchange between chakras of different people:

It is the color of the chakra that determines the dominant type of human behavior in particular area of life, which is directly related to this chakra. Here you can find a description of each of seven chakras in its "white" and "black" version of manifestation: Muladhara (Sun), Svadhisthana (Moon), Manipura (Mercury), Anahata (Venus), Vishuddha (Mars), Ajna (Jupiter), Sahasrara (Saturn).

Entering chakra interactions with people around us, we actually live and show our individuality, therefore chakra astrology prompts us, who is supposed to be by our sides and how we should communicate with different people who are so unlike.