The Element of Water

«Water is the pioneer which settlers follow, taking advantage of its smallest changes»
Henry David Thoreau

The Water

The element of Water is manifested in the interaction of a large number of people who are consolidated around the material values this or that way. On the one hand, the Water strives to meet the material requirements of society, and on the other, it continuously effects the formation of them aiming at widening of the requirements and increase of diversity. The main attribute of the Water is the social relations, which serve as the channels and tools to expand and create new material values. In this case, it is not only the demand brings the supply, but also vice versa.

The Water element is most brightly expressed in free trade, business and public activities, the main goal of which is to increase the level of the welfare. One can connect to the Water energy by following the peculiar the Water chakra flows.

Water never flows under settled stones. Aiming to increase the social contacts and new ways of realization, the Water demands a person to be more initiative, flexible and ready to any changes, i.e. the energy of the White Sun. A typical businessman, as a rule, is always looking for new markets and sales outlets. The more widespread social contacts are, the more solutions of the problem will be considered and tried, and correspondingly, there will be more chances to succeed.

Propensity for close cooperation and ability to attract people are the typical features of the Black Moon. These are very important qualities while working with the main attribute of the Water element like social relations. This direction of the Moon allows finding and taking an advantage of the partnership considering the financial benefit for both parties.

It is well known, that no one can turn the river flow backwards with a good result. The Water itself is looking for its way to flow. A person should be more flexible and amenable to allow water to bring him towards the necessary direction. Henry Ford said, “When I can’t control the events, I let them control themselves”. The qualities of White Mercury are expressed in these words. Its diplomacy, amenability, ability to adopt and conform will contribute to fruitful collaboration with the partners.

Building-up the relationships with surrounding people (partners, clients, sponsors, etc.) requires substantial attention focusing on their personalities. Watchfulness and the genuine interest to personality characteristics help to find the approach to another person. While accomplishing this task, the White Venus uses the full spectrum of its manifestations starting from ordinary compliments and flattering to sincere admiration and amorousness.

Variability in situations and relationships, which are peculiar to the Water, leads to spontaneous and intuitive actions without any prior preparation, and the result of such action is sometimes unpredictable. Such working pattern is typical to Black Mars. It also gives a person a specific feel for the new forms of social interactions, which firstly may seem unusual, but they become irreplaceable sooner. The most remarkable example is the creation of social networks.

A person working with the element of Water indispensably needs the skill to be in the right place at the right time, which is peculiar to Black Jupiter. In addition, it is important not only to have an open mind and open eyes to look for the new opportunities but to be always able to use them at the right time, i.e. “trim one’s sails to the wind”.

White Saturn is like an ever-living source of tolerance, which helps to withstand the endless whirligig of risky situations and chaotic contacts the element of Water plunges to. Openness, politeness, respectful attitude to partners and competitors and the ability to forgive are useful characteristics not only for the “surviving” in unpredictable environment but also for the active interrelation with it.

A connection with the Water element filled up the life and work of a famous couturiere and outstanding businessman Christian Dior with its energy (Water). Once a fortuneteller took a hand of the future celebrity, glanced at his palm and then she looked into his eyes and said, “You will face many severities. You will be really poor, but then you will become rich again because of women”. And that was true.

Christian Dior devoted his life and talent to women. “Followed by their intuition, women knew that my most desirable wish was to make them not only more beautiful but also happier. Their appreciation is my best reward”, he said. For the great couturiere women were a source of inspiration, a miracle, a crown of nature, and flowers of incomparable beauty. Hundreds of women worked in his workshops, the best and the greatest ladies of the world were his customers.

When Dior opened the affiliates, daughter companies and shops in dozens of countries, women could dress up from-toe-to-crown: from stockings, shoes and underwear to hats. Wholesale buyers (boutiques, department stores) could order the best garments labeled Dior for the next season, and manufacturers could purchase design sketches and patterns for new models.

Having brought a true revolution to the podium, he managed to create a great empire of fashion, which is much more then dresses, bags, accessories, or perfumes designed or invented by him, because Yves Saint-Laurent, Marc Bohan, and Gianfranco Ferré extended it. Even though Dior is no longer with us, his empire is alive, it grows and develops, and the fruits of it make many women happier all around the world until now.

Key words and phrases characterizing the element of Water:
Values are abstract; prices are specific. Poverty is in the increase of insatiability but not in the reduction of property. A lot of things appear to be in the stomach, while they should have been in the heart. Everyone may have his own views, but in time, only those are left which help to earn something. Let the bread flow with water, and it will come back to you with butter. A friend in court is better than a penny in purse. There is nothing as valuable, but so cheap as politeness. Cast no dirt into the well that has given you water. A friendly calf sucks two mothers. Customer is always right. Search for sales markets. Attraction of sponsors and investors. Trader. Merchant. Businessman. Recruiter. Enlister. Intermediate buyer. Speculator. Resale of goods. Fast profit. Free trade. Pop-up market. Unregulated economy. Social contacts. Social network. Dating site. Reality show. Fundraising. Goods delivery. Product Distributor. Post communication. Mobile communication. Satellite communication. Multi-level marketing. Travel agency. Oil pipe line. Phone. Bank. Money. Association. Merger. Expansion. Export. Import.

Famous people representing the element of Water:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexandre Dumas, Goethe, Diego Maradona, Nikolay Gumilev, Adolf Hitler, Herbert von Karajan, Martin Luther King, Tom Parker, Pope John Paul II, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Christian Dior, Mata Hari.