Anahata (Venus)

Chakra AnahataChakra Anahata

Chakra Anahata is associated with Venus. It is a symbol of love as invisible divine presence. In real life conditions a person most clearly feels Venusian energy when it comes to romantic and family relationships, amicable affection and all sorts of informal social contacts between people.

White Venus

Owners of the White Venus usually have a very developed interest in people, which helps them to see the unique personality in every person. The owner of the White Venus is very sensitive to beauty in different forms of expression and appreciates it in others. On the contrary, this person can be quite indifferent to personal appearance. At the same time, sincerely admiring other people’s virtues, this person is likely to accept praise and compliments in his address without enthusiasm.

White Venus is amorous in classic sense, this person needs to mark someone out, to put someone on a special pedestal in order to gain inspiration and feel like "wings grow" behind. Most often, the owners of the White Venus take an active position in the choice of the love object, preferring not to wait while someone will be interested in them and take the initiative.

Mad popularity and crowds of fans could not make American actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (White Venus) happy. Extremely amorous and passionate, Marilyn occasionally frightened by her temperament. She was initiative, persistent and pushful in love matters, treated the conquest of men as military action, loved difficulties in love and could even give up love affair in case she could subdue the man too easily.

A true romantic, Napoleon Bonaparte (White Venus) was ready to do a lot of things for his beloved. If he was appointed a rendezvous, he completely left all his important matters behind. He also forgot about his subordinates and completely plunged into love affairs. He was a good poet and could compose a very long poem for his beloved. In addition, Napoleon was just head over heels in love with his wife Josephine.

White Venus tends to idealize the partner, put him or her in "special" position, turning even the obvious drawbacks of the beloved into merits. However, it should be remembered that such devoted feeling, lacking objectivity, others may use for personal gain. In addition, it is very important for people with White Venus to learn how to love and appreciate not only others but also themselves.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Venus:
Even a dumb courting a woman wants to say a lot. Beauty is also a virtue; a beautiful woman can not have any drawbacks. Even goose seems to be an angel in eyes of enamored. Adorer. Admirer. Gallant. Worshipper. Fan. Enamored. Don Quixote. Admire. Look up to. Glorify. Mark out. Extol. Adore. Make compliments. Seek love. Lose the head because of love. To fall in love head over hills. Crush. Love madly. Serenade.

Famous owners of the White Venus and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.

Black Venus

As a rule, a person with Black Venus pays great attention to the appearance and the produced impression. He wants to be noticed, he wants others to like him, to evoke total affection, love and admiration, and usually, cultivating the abilities, he gets it. At least for certain audience. Praise and compliments are perceived by such person not only as music to the ears, but also as a serious life stimulus without which he can just pine. By the way, a great misperception is that only women need compliments.

The legendary owner of two consecutive Oscars for best actor, one of the most popular and highly paid actors in Hollywood, Tom Hanks (Black Venus) is a real crowd puller. Once he said with inherent naivete: "Maybe I'm naive, but I think only about how to act in a good movie, how to play a good part there and gain the merited affection of the audience".

Winston Churchill (Black Venus) always paid great attention to his appearance. Contemporaries ranked him as one of the most chosen people, having good taste in clothes. Without suffering undue modesty, he always liked to be the center of attention. His was adored and respected as by a high-ranked officials as by vast majority of ordinary Britain citizens. For the British he always was and always will be "Winston-the superstar".

The qualities of Black Venus for women and men may have different manifestations but they agree that it is easier for them to be loved, than to love. This does not mean that a person with Black Venus is incapable for deep, sincere feelings but it is very important for him to be sure that he is not just the only one for the partner, but also quite unique, second to none and special. That is why the owner of the Black Venus, sometimes unconsciously, tends to be "chosen", preferred to others, thus put on a pedestal. At the same time, it should be admitted that Black Venus often gives the temptation of consumer attitude towards feelings of others.

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Venus:
To judge a book by its cover. Women's fashion has always been the most expensive way of packaging. Claw me, and I will claw thee. Man loves through his eyes, and woman - through her ears. Knows one’s worth. Drive crazy. To be the center of attention. To inspire wonder. Admiration. Stand Out. Impress. Fascinate. Lovelace. Don Juan. Smoothie. Seducer. Coquetry. Fashionista. Muse. Dandy. Attraction. Charisma. Charm. Enslaver. Popularity. Star. Decoration.

Famous owners of the Black Venus and relevant examples from their biographies:
Winston Churchill, Tom Hanks, Sergei Yesenin, John F. Kennedy, Ginger Rogers.