Manipura (Mercury)

Chakra ManipuraChakra Manipura

Manipura corresponds to Mercury. This planet is directly related to such concepts as structuring, regulation and law. In everyday life the mercurial energy is manifested both in business and in personal relationships when it comes to the establishment and obedience of defined borders and rules governing the interaction.

White Mercury

White Mercury is ready to the fact that he was put a framework, some guidelines he will stick to in the behavior. It is usually easy for the owners to fit into the system of rules established by others. Yielding and compliant by nature, such people do not like open conflicts, of course, if someone or something does not bowls them down. A person with the White Mercury will more likely adjust to the situation than adjust the situation to himself. He needs an external power control and order in a given condition from the outside, which will direct his energy potential to the particular channel. It may be a requirement of a teacher, an order of a chief, a schedule from a coach, someone else's piece of advice, and even the whole philosophical system the follower stitches to.

An important role in the philosophy of Bruce Lee (White Mercury) was assigned to self-restraint and discipline. "Discipline is not a limitation of freedom. It is a cutoff of everything unnecessary", he said. The world known master of Chinese martial arts not only systematically performed the necessary exercises but also strictly abode certain rules of nutrition throughout his life.

Tom Hanks (White Mercury) belongs to those actors who are easily given the role of "driven" as related to the director. Sharing his impressions of the film "Cloud Atlas", he said in an interview: "There was no script in usual sense of word. At least for me. Yes, it was not important. I fully agreed to trust the intuition and knowledge of directors. I realized what eventually appeared when I watched the movie. I’ve seen it three times, each time discovering something new for me".

Such valuable qualities in work as discipline, responsibility, commitment and punctuality are peculiar to the owners of the White Mercury. However, the excessive tenderness and compliance sometimes plays a low down trick with such people. After all, sometimes occur the situations when one has to say "no", to carry one’s point or to violate the rules. Similar problems can cause stress and severe discomfort to White Mercury.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Mercury:
Whose region, his religion. Discipline is the mother of victory. The chief is not always right, but he's always the chief. Order and harmony are the first happiness. Pound yields the pud. The smart one yields. Live at someone else's bidding. Follow the rules. Obey subordination. Obey the regulations. Discipline. Compliance. Softness. Flexibility. Obedience. Submissiveness. Promptness in obeying. Accountability. Responsibility. Punctuality. Managed. Controlled. Conciliation. Conformist. Accommodating. Non-contentious. Law-abiding. Adjust. Adapt. Report.

Famous owners of the White Mercury and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom Hanks, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers.

Black Mercury

Black Mercury is the analyst, "spelling everything out", requiring submission and accurate execution of the orders. It is a limiting type, in an extreme form - the owner of "Procrustean bed" trying to force others into rigid boundaries. On the contrary, it is difficult for the owner of the Black Mercury to fit into the system of the rules established by others. He feels discomfort when he has to comply with someone else's orders and act following someone else's directions. Such person may have rebellious inclinations, which particularly come out in adolescence and are associated with a desire to get out of control of parents and teachers.

John Lennon (Black Mercury) hated canons and rules since he was a child. In 1952 he became a student of the secondary school. It was a typical English school with harsh discipline and rigid schedule, similar to the institutional. John, having the indomitable temper, never became at least an average student there, on the contrary, he declared the war to the school rules of behavior from the beginning.

An actor was a personality which expresses his own ideas for Andrei Tarkovsky (Black Mercury), that is why he had to hide his acting nature. Tarkovsky was ok with actors who obeyed him. In this regard, Anatoly Solonitsyn who played the part of Rublev was perfect. He was very delicate and sensitive actor, devoted to Tarkovsky with his whole being. No wonder the outstanding director shot him in all his films.

The owners of the Black Mercury often aspire to the roles of leader in various life spheres and often have good reason for this, as they are able to structure the surrounding, including relationships and organizational processes, subtly capturing the inherent laws. Such people tend to monitor the maintenance of order and the execution of instructions, as well as to demand to bear the responsibility from others using a particular system of punishments and rewards. Often the stubborness and rigidity in communication is associated with this direction of Mercury.

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Mercury:
Follow own way. Head, cook and bottle washer. Get no change out of. He is above the law. One’s own master. It is better to drive than to hurry. Where drums speak, laws are silent. Verification before ratification. To give marching orders. Allot a task. To establish the procedure. To set the rules. Prohibit. Limit. Order. Command. Force. Stimulate. Guide. Hurry. Subordinate. Manage. Check. Control. Structure. Analyst. Stubbornness. Rigidity. Defiant. Naughty. Conflict. Rioter. Rebel. Violator. Chief. Nonconformist.

Famous owners of the Black Mercury and relevant examples from their biographies:
Winston Churchill, Sergei Yesenin, John Lennon, John Kennedy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.