Create chakra horoscope

Chakra horoscope is calculated considering the accurate time of birth. Fill in the form below, please. The exact time of birth is critically necessary. If the time is not known, it is not possible to get a result. Time zone is specified in the number of hours shift with respect to Greenwich Mean Time (positive east to Greenwich, negative west to Greenwich).

See The list of the time zones considering the day-light saving time.

The mandatory fill-in fields are in bold below. Please note that this form expects date starting with day of month, not month number.

Last name, first name:
Date of birth (day.month.year):
Time of birth (local, hour.minutes):
Place of birth (town):
Time zone (at the time of birth):
Forced chakra (optional):
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How to force the chakra
To force the chakra in black (input) direction, it is necessary to indicate its number with a "minus" sign in the line "Forced chakra" (let’s say, for the Black Venus it will be the -4). For white (output) direction it is necessary to indicate the number of the chakra only. It is not possible to force main chakras spontaneously.