Sahasrara (Saturn)

Chakra SahasraraChakra Sahasrara

Chakra Sahasrara corresponds to Saturn. It is associated with such concepts as trials, tolerance, conscience, moral law, and it raises related issues and concerns at different levels of human existence.

White Saturn

Openness is one of the characteristics of the White Saturn. It gives the owner a certain reservoir of tolerance towards external reality, which gives the possibility to exist "with the door unlocked". Therefore, as a rule, such person is not too sensitive, relatively easy accepts the criticism, able to laugh at himself and does not afraid to seem funny or stupid (of course, to a certain limit).

"A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty" - these words belong to Winston Churchill (White Saturn). He had a tremendous ability to turn any trouble to his favour. In 1931 he went to the United States to lecture and in New York, due to his absentmindedness, he immediately was hit by a car. Having barely recovered after 15 fractures, he dictated to "Collier’s" magazine the article "My New York unpleasant adventure". This ironic essay, reprinted by almost all American newspapers, brought the author a very substantial fee and provided him with an excellent promotion.

A person with the White Saturn in all sorts of collisions and conflicts, most likely, will consider other’s points of views, recognizing their right to be who they are. White Saturn is not vindictive, he is forgiving and, if necessary, he will take the first step towards reconciliation, admit guilt and ask for forgiveness. He is able to respect the enemies and rivals, giving credit to their advantages.

Having pretty aggressive temper, Napoleon Bonaparte (White Saturn) fought with almost all young men in college. That fact that sometimes the enemy was much bigger and stronger did not stop him. He was as often the winner as the loser. Apparently, the future emperor was preparing himself to the fate where his ability to adequately lose will be as necessary as the ability to win with these "battles" with peers. "A true hero plays a chess game during the battle, regardless of its outcome" - the great commander will say.

The owner of the White Saturn is ready to take responsibility for his mistakes and failures that is why sometimes he allows himself to be engaged in risky situations causing troubles and sorrows. At the same time, he often has to face the consequences of errors committed by other people and to solve their problems. However, in such cases one should be very careful distinguishing true compassion and generosity from indulgence of vices of other people.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Saturn:
Politeness is cheap but gives much. Carry the can. Scapegoat. Live openly. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Open book. First we jump into fray and then we'll see. We not as vain as peacock. One minute of patience can mean ten years of peace. A noble man tacitly recognizes the rights of selfishness of others. One can understand people and live with them only if there is mercy for them. Show understanding for someone’s position. If a woman is wrong apologize to her. Wisdom of life is not to be demanding for people. Ask for forgiveness. Justify others. Tolerance. Politeness. Trust. Openness. Frankness. Forgive. Worship. Bend the neck. Bow Down. Esteem. Deify. Respect. Forgiveness. Generosity. Mercy. Self-sacrifice.

Famous owners of the Black Saturn and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Black Saturn

Actions and behavior of a person with the Black Saturn are often explained by increased sensitivity and vulnerability of the mind. Criticism, mockery and all manifestations of disrespect against him may lead to a very painful reaction. Because of their intolerance, such people are forced to seek out and invent a variety of ways to protect themselves from the negative intrusions of the outside world. As a rule, they try to avoid the "doubtful" contacts if the security is not assured, and keep others "at a distance". Externally, it may look like pride, secrecy or snobbery.

According to one of his friends, Bruce Lee (Black Saturn) possessed great soul warmth, nevertheless, he was extremely lonely – he always kept everyone at a distance. He did not believe for one hundred percent to anyone, except for his wife Linda. He was never absolutely honest in conversation with other people. If he did not want to talk to someone, he asked Linda to do it. If he "locked" with someone, Linda called this person. Bruce never called and never asked for forgiveness in such cases.

The best way of protection is the attack. Approximately this is how another type of manifestation of the Black Saturn can be formulated when its owners want to crash the assumed enemy on their "territory" and thereby to protect their own "borders" from the attacks. This option may give underlined contempt to other opinions, aggressive or provocative behavior.

John Lennon (Black Saturn) considered provocation as the model of the behavior since he was a child. The musician said during the concert "The Royal Variety" on November 4, 1963 in the presence of the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon: "Those who sit in the cheap seats, clap. Others simply clink with your jewelries". Perhaps the desire to shock the public opinion explains the appearance of the picture on the cover of the first Lennon’s solo album "Unfinished Music № 1. Two Virgins" where he and Yoko were photographed naked. The stores refused to take this album and just having hid the record in a wrapper made of thick brown paper, they managed to put it in trading network.

Despite the fact that the owners of the Black Saturn are not always a sample of morality, the inner religiosity is more or less typical for them. They tend to focus on ethical side of events, intuitively capturing subtle regularities and causal relationships that can serve as a moral compass to others or simply saying "to awaken the conscience".

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Saturn:
The more person tends to hurt others, the worse he bears the insults. The best way of protection is the attack. It is strange how many ways we choose to hide our true feelings. Only a few know what I actually am. Self-respect should be your first law. Respect yourself if you want to be respected. Self-respect, a sense of honor, pride and dignity is the rock on which the subtlety of the senses is sharpened. He is easy to hurt. Dishonor is worse than death. It is beneath his dignity. Pity humiliates. A closely guarded secret. Keep others at a distance. Keep the distance. Self-esteem. Megalomania. Turn up one's nose. Mysterious. Restrained. Reserved. Touchy. Vulnerable. Vulnerability. Insecurity. Kick up a row. Humiliate. Shock. Confuse. Neglect. Mock. Despise. Pride. Hubris. Haughtiness. Snobbery. Aristocratism. Suspiciousness. Arrogance. Self-conceit.

Famous owners of the Black Saturn and relevant examples from their biographies:
Tom Hanks, Sergei Yesenin, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers, Andrei Tarkovsky.