Companions of life (chakra compatibility)

Chakra compatibilityWhat is the principle according to which life gives us the companions? Who do we choose as our "half"? Probably the one who helps us to live within our "matrix", that is, within our structure of the flows. It is very convenient and practical to live with a person who can energize your black chakras and who is willing to take the energy which you want to give out of your white chakras.

Apparently, the word "half" precisely indicates that two different halves constitute the integral which is more self-sufficient than each of the parts; the union is more efficient than the "opposite" chakra flows of the "allies".

If you’ve managed to identify your innate directions taking into account the description of the input and output chakras then your "half" with a high probability would have almost all of the chakras of the opposite direction. Typically, the most effective is the scheme if there are 6 opposite directions and 1 coinciding. It is necessary in order to have a "synchronization point" in the couple, the same understanding and perception in one stream, allowing to find a common language. Otherwise, people are too opposite and it is difficult to interact for them, that is, to share in the common cause. Thus, the opposition of the flows is necessary but sometimes not sufficient condition for the "compatibility" if for some reason there is not enough understanding. This means that the opposition of the flows always brings the interest to the partner, but the question, “Will it be possible to find common ground” remains.

For example, in a couple MonroeKennedy there are 6 opposite chakras and one matching direction - the Moon. This is an example of a potentially good compatibility. The next question is “Can the actress and the president speak the same language and can their union be stable?” The same questions arise in each of our lives. In this case, the language of synchronization is lunar, in the part which concerns the sexuality of both partners. “Is it enough for the stability?” is an issue which is solved be practical "tests". Other, perhaps more successful examples of high integration are the couples Fellini - Mazina and Hugo - Drouet. But in the case of Monroe - Kennedy the "bush telegraph" clearly indicated that the couple is not accidental.

Another example is a couple of Astaire - Rogers (Ginger and Fred). The saying: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction" belongs to Rogers. Indeed, they were similar and differed only in the chakra line of Mars-Jupiter. The opportunities offered by the stage career brought them together but not for long and, besides, their interaction was quite tense. They managed to do the common thing in particular due to the fact that Rogers complemented Astaire in artistry and lack of excessive "pedantry" in dance. However, the overwhelming similarity of characters spread them on separate paths soon. It is good for the partnership when most directions of the chakras are the same, and the minority (not less than two) is different. You can make a joint project then, complementing each other in detail. However, most often it is a project, but not a lifetime thing. The internal competition leads to the need of trying something else sooner or later.

In general, the work of identifying interesting partners is made unconsciously. This means that the mechanism of allocating the potentially interesting partners with opposite chakras from the crowd is present in our subconscious. Chakra astrology just gives us the opportunity to realize some part of this work.

We intuitively seek for people who can give us what we need, and then the interaction is fixed and closed when we find a way to give them what we have. There is a kind of "cycle" to which we are pulled like to the magnet. The heart of this is the chakra flow of the energy, which we can analyze in detail now. Why, one might ask? To build your life more efficiently and take maximum advantage of the energy opportunities existing around us.

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