The Rune Mannaz

Mannaz. Mercury and Neptune. A person and the humanity. The unity of the opposites. The middle way.

It is difficult to combine two very different things. It is not an easy task every person solves. At the same time, if a person is able to find the way of particular balance between the opposites, such middle dynamic balance may be the answer to this puzzle.

It is referred to a contradiction between "I" and "we", the individual and the society he is a part of.

A person perceives the world be resolving the puzzles and contradictions of life, when each new step in the knowing of oneself lead to a better understanding of the own personality and other people. A person understands himself and the world around better. He sees himself in the surrounding world as dependent and conditioned, but also he understands "a world inside", that is his uniqueness and strength of his mission.

By understanding what we represent, we can manage ourselves better and achieve great results. Such thoughts and ways lay in the field of logic, and precisely the astrology and psychology are quite logical systems offering certain views on the structure of the human soul in this context. The advances of the science, following the progress in self-understanding spread the logic knowledge on the surrounding, which thus serves as a particular complement to the structure of a person. This is the Mercurial approach. Everything is placed into one large system, the center of which is a person. It is the most comfortable condition for the individual "I".

However, a person having reached the rational power and even having cognized the peculiarities of personal "I" reveals the complete bankruptcy of the power behind the last secret door. He discovers that this power was given him not to elevate his own "I", but only in order to be engaged in the movement of the waves of the vast human ocean most effectively. Settling the inner circle, a person chooses the partners based on the knowledge of himself, but having chosen and having been included to the interaction, he begins to feel that he got in a motion of some wave which carries him following his connections. The united oscillation in the joint flow washes out the personal rational "I" ceding to the inclusion of the Neptunian uncertainty and unity with the universal. The autonomy and control is lost and peace and bliss within the universal "We" is acquired. "I" occurs at the risk of oblivion.

Anxiety makes us wake up and turn the rationality and awareness of own personal mission on to protect it and prevent from dissolving... However, the ship of the individualism sometimes very successfully furrows the ocean, defeating its power with his innovative intelligence and leaving a trail in the memory for a long time. Sometimes it seems that the ocean is conquered, and he really is at certain moments.

This is the middle way of maneuvering between the opposites. The support in this way can be a tool which helps us to understand both the mechanics of the power, the peculiarities of oneself and the points of dissolution in the surrounding interaction. Such tool is the rune Mannaz and chakra astrology, perhaps, most completely in its meaning corresponds to this rune. Two such different personalities look at each other, they seem to be connected only at one point, but it is the point of Jupiter’s dissolution, which creates the unity of complete picture, impossible to be torn by all imaginable and non-imaginable forces.

A lot of individualities live in the Neptunian ocean, each possessing personal characteristics. They interact, fluctuate in common movement, but each of them periodically puts oneself in the center of the ocean and seeks to limit its infinity to get a partial definition of personal existence and move towards self-actualization and personal destination. The world in the center of which stands my house, a world populated by beings of different types, such as I am, and so much unlike. By beings with whom I inevitably have to interact, overcoming misunderstanding and alienation of different psychological races. The world, which periodically occurs at the edge of my understanding, revealing the abyss of uncontrolled changes followed by the threat of the oblivion of my "I". The imminence of the threat forces to fight together in the common impulse. That is how the victory is achieved, everything changes around, but at the same time, I divine my strength and realized mission in these changes and find the stability and controllability of my own destiny again, even though I am different now, the prints of the great general events froze in my soul.

Is this the story of the Great Ring and the Middle-earth? It is possible. Each person has own history and own Middle-earth. Own Midgard. The house, which gathers such diverse guests and needs a common protection during the storm.