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Tom Hanks Time of birth:
9.7.1956 11:17:00
Time zone: -7
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks (род. в 1956 г.) — an American actor and producer who started his career in comedy for family viewing ("The Big", 1988), but at the age of forty he achieved the universal recognition as a serious dramatic actor, and received two "Oscar" awards for starring in the film "Philadelphia" (1993) and "Forrest Gump" (1994). He is one of two actors in the history of the world cinema who received this award two years in a row.

Interesting facts

I dream only about one thing: not to repeat myself (The White Sun, The White Mars)
The profession of an actor, like no other, gives great opportunities to satisfy the natural human desire for the infinite variety of life and adventure."Every child dreams to become an astronaut, a cowboy, a soldier: I made all these dreams come true...", said Tom Hanks in an interview. An actor, a screenwriter, a director, a producer... Hanks is always interested in trying himself in a new role and experiencing new sensations. For example, he founded the company Playtone, which recently has shot a fantastic animated series "Electric City". The actor not only made the sound track for the main character, but also acted as the author of the idea of the cartoon. While selecting the next role, the outstanding actor is not guided by an addiction to any genre. "I do not take long shots and dream only about one thing: not to repeat myself. From the very beginning I was striving for this", says Tom Hanks.

The Gourmet (The Black Moon)
It turns out that Tom Hanks is an ardent fan of delicious food. After doctors have diagnosed him diabetes of the second type, his wife Rita has to seriously worry about husband’s nutrition, but it is not very easy for Tom to keep a diet. "Pizza is the best invention of the mankind!" This Tom’s statement says a lot. It appeared that the famous actor loves "Oscar" award ceremony due to the following: "I especially love the breakfast, which is organized in the day of the awards. They always give extremely tasty pancakes and they are free for all of the invitees!"

The Driven (The White Mercury)
Disciplined, having mild, yielding temper, Tom Hanks is one of those actors who are easily given the role of the "driven" as related to the director. Sharing his impressions of the film "Cloud Atlas", he said in an interview: "There was no script in the usual sense of the word. At least for me. After all, it was not important. I fully agreed to trust the intuition and knowledge of the directors. I realized what eventually appeared when I watched the movie. I’ve seen it three times, each time discovering something new for me". Many directors noted that Tom Hanks is easy and pleasant to work with, so they tried to get the actor in their films again and again later. Hanks sees the key to successful work in the following: "The most important thing for me is to understand what I am expected to achieve. If I’ve realized, I play specifically well, pronouncing the text precisely. I can play fifteen doubles the same way in such cases. It happens!"

The crowd puller (The Black Venus, The White Mars)
Tom was very vivid and inquisitive child and his inimitable sense of humor attracted the hearts from the very early age. Expressive facial gestures, the ability to use the voice and outstanding acting abilities quickly made Tom a favorite of the class and teachers, despite the fact that a young actor paid a lot more attention to the playing than learning and it was for a good reason, because Tom Hanks will be able to make a conquest of millions of fans around the world, to become one of the most popular and highly paid actors in Hollywood, and become the legendary owner of two "Oscars" in a row for the Best Actor with the time. Continuing to bathe in the people's love up to this day, the actor says with characteristic simplicity: "Maybe I'm naive, but I think only about how to act in a good movie, how to play a good part there and gain the merited affection of the audience".

The eternal disciple (The Black Jupiter)
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is an actor who remains an example for the beginners, an orienting point for the professionals and a genius for the audience, but for himself he is an eternal disciple in the world of cinema. According to him, each new role gives him an amazing opportunity to learn as from the partners in the film, as from those characters he plays. "Every time after filming I try to take something from the fictional lives to the real one. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not", says the actor. "Occasionally I was asked to do the things which drove me far away from myself emotionally. This happened in "Saving Private Ryan", "Philadelphia", "He knows you're lonely". These three movies changed my approach to some things, like it was the time to ask myself some questions. "Philadelphia" made me seriously think about the true humanity. What is love? How to meet the realization that you are mortal, that you will die soon? These questions which tormented my hero pushed me to find the meaning of life and I must admit that I was absolutely not ready for this".

"The Mystery House" (The Black Saturn)
After movie "The Terminal", where Hanks played in 2004 the role of a man who lost his home and was forced to live in the airport, the actor developed an obsession - Tom decided to build a house, about which only he and his family will know.
The construction company working on the "secret" Hanks’s mansion in Idaho was forced to sign a document on non-disclosure of the location of the building. Rita, accustomed to husband’s oddities just laughed, watching how Tom was concerned about the secrecy of their future home. A terrible thing happened a month before the housewarming: one of the employees of the construction company told the newsmen about the "secret" house. The newspapers were full of the headlines: "Tom Hanks decided to become an outcast", "The actor is hiding from people". Tom was furious. It came to a point that he decided to sue the construction company.
The eldest son persuaded Tom to change his decision. "Dad, that's enough, - said Colin. - You're hiding from those who need you for the whole life. Maybe it's time to stop?"

The Professionalism (The White Mars)
ТTom Hanks is a great workaholic. Constant and persistent self-improvement led him to the top of the cinema Olympus. Spectators love movies where the actor tried himself in various roles and there are just a few actors in Hollywood that could be compared by the power of dramatic talent with him.
Once Michael Clarke Duncan, who played John Coffey in "The Green Mile" said in an interview that Tom Hanks is only one actor he is familiar with who can calmly look at the camera and then suddenly cry with the real tears to contagiously laugh in a minute. "It's like he just uses the cutout and switches the emotion he needs at specific moment", - concluded Duncan. When Tom Hanks was asked what was the most important thing for him in the work, he replied: "To be a professional. Everything happening on the screen should be clear to the audience from the first second".