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Ginger Rogers Time of birth:
16.7.1911 02:18:00
Time zone: -6
Ginger Rogers (1911 — 1995) — an American actress and dancer, a winner of the "Oscar" in 1941. Has become well known for the joint show with Fred Astaire. In 1999, Ginger Rogers was ranked the 14th in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars.

Interesting facts

Hobbies, interests (The White Moon and the White Sun)
Ginger could not stand alcohol: she drank soda only and was very fond of ice cream. She led a healthy, active lifestyle, in addition to hobbies such as fishing, Ginger played golf well, loved swimming, tennis and skeet shooting. In 1973, she made the journey across the United States, South America, Italy, England, Lebanon and Greece, having travelled more than 60,000 miles. Although Ginger is best remembered for on-screen and stage roles, few people knew that she was a talented painter and sculptor and, perhaps, could become a master in this field if she had more free time.

The charity (The White Moon)
After the completion of her film career, Ginger Rogers donated a large sum of money to the community of artists and financed the construction of the theater in Medford downtown, which was named after her «Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater».

The influence of the mother (The Black Jupiter and the White Mercury)
While studying at school Ginger was going to become a teacher, but mother's career related to film and theater, became more interesting for her. She often accompanied her mother to the theater, where she wrote her reviews, and eventually began to act together with the artists of the troupe. It is not surprising that she became a professional dancer at 14, and by 18 she was a successful star in the musicals in Broadway. It was then when she met her future fateful partner Fred Astaire, a famous dancer of the variety show, but as she was, he far from the movie. They met again in Hollywood, where Ginger appeared due to her energetic mother. She was working in "RKO-Radio" at that time, she was looking for young talents and, of course, first of all she "found" her own daughter.
In her last film, the biopic "Harlow" (1965) - Ginger played the mother of the Hollywood star of the 1930s Jean Harlow, who was managing her career; this was ironic, as Rogers’s mother almost until her death in 1977 controlled every step of her daughter.

The personal life (The Black Venus and the White Sun)
Seductive, artistic, with a pretty, typical American face and thin waist, Ginger has always been admired by men. However, the meaning of the life the actress saw not in the marital bliss with her husband and a bunch of kids, but first of all in her career. A famous saying: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction" belongs to Ginger Rogers. Ginger was notable for the light temper and did not get hung up on love experiences. Famous actors, directors and producers in Hollywood were her husbands and lovers.
Ginger Rogers was married five times. From 1929 to 1931 - to an actor Jack Pepper, from 1934 to 1941 - to an actor Lew Ayers, from 1943 to 1949 – to a naval officer Jack Briggs, from 1953 to 1957 - to an actor Jacques Bergerac, from 1961 to 1971 - to a director and a producer William Marshall.

The talent (The White Mars and the Black Saturn)
"My mother told me that I began to dance before I was born. She felt a child's toes which were continuously speaking inside her for a few months..." (from the autobiography). Indeed, Ginger had an impeccable sense of rhythm. She was not walking, but floating. However, despite the excellent background, not everything and not always was given her so simple. In ten of her seventy-three movies Ginger was sweeping across the screen in a whirlwind of a dance in the arms of Astaire. The apparent ease of movement in these pictures was achieved by hard work. One day, rehearsing again and again at the request of Fred, the dancer’s shoes filled with blood. But all these hardships worthed the triumph.
Ginger Rogers was pretty vain and she did not like to show her weaknesses to others. In 1986, a little before his death, Aster said: "All the partners with whom I have ever danced, thought that they cannot dance this or that thing but, of course, they could later. These thoughts led to the fact that they were always crying. Everybody but not Ginger. No. No, Ginger has never been crying!"

The ambitions (The Black Jupiter, the Black Saturn and the White Mars)
Of course, the palm of victory has always belonged to Astaire, the genius of dance. Ginger owes Fred the polishing of the natural talent. In her early movies, she was a vulgarish simpleton, who could not control or represent herself. It was Astaire who taught her elegance, exquisiteness and grace - all those things he brilliantly possessed himself. Subsequently Ginger will say about Fred: "He was the most happy event that has ever happened to me". Yet she was jealous of Astaire’s glory and deep down dreamt about her own "laurels". Ginger wanted to prove herself, Fred, to everybody that she is not only Fred Astaire’s partner but a real actress, and most surprisingly, she proved it. After the break with Astaire, she successfully starred in many films, showing the viewers the outstanding talent as a dramatic and a comedic actress. And in 1940 she received the "Oscar" for the film "Kitty Foyle". In 1942, she became one of the highly paid female stars in Hollywood. In 1999, (after her death) Ginger Rogers was ranked the 14th in the list of the 100 greatest movie stars.

The secret: Ginger and Fred (The Black Saturn)
Despite her popularity, Ginger Rogers has always been restrained and did not let anyone into her inner life. Perhaps, that is why there is something left unsaid, as if escaping in her biography. Thus, the relationship between Ginger and Fred will forever remain a mystery. Some said that the partners hated each other; others asserted that the two were having a love affair. Ginger denied both, but she has never publicly said about personal relationship with Fred.