Vishuddha (Mars)

Chakra VishuddhaChakra Vishuddha

Vishudha corresponds to Mars. It symbolizes action aimed at designing reality, transformation of certain objects. In everyday life the Martian activities of a person are often associated with specific job, profession, sport, art, etc.

White Mars

A person with White Mars in work and in life in general, as a rule, relies on the ability to plan the actions beforehand and consistently, step by step, go to set goals. It includes the skill of an architect, designing a building, of an actor, carefully mastering a new role, an athlete, preparing for victory in a competition, and marketing manager aiming at increasing sales. Giving Mars always moves to a specific purpose using strategic planning. In various spheres of art White Mars always implies conscious mastering of technique and forms of self-expression, in the process of which there is a need not only and not so much of talent or inspiration, but a need of much hard work and perseverance. A true perfection will appear as a result of this work beginning from fine cuisine of a housewife and ending with masterpieces of Hollywood filmmakers.

It is a known fact that the star of the Soviet cinema and theater Andrei Mironov (White Mars), having repeatedly shone in musicals and comedies, where he had to sing and dance, was clumsy, pigeon-toed and did not have an ear for music. Nevertheless, thoroughly cultivating his abilities, he learned to sing and dance better than many professionals, and most importantly - to create the illusion that he manages to do everything without any trouble.

The desire to present the fruits of the activities in the most attractive for the wider public form is peculiar for White Mars. However, the depth sometimes may be lost in the pursuit of effectiveness, mastery becomes machinery and turns into a stamp and the external form prevails over the inscape. On the other hand, some perfectionism is often inherent to White Mars. It shouldn’t be forgotten that sometimes "the best is the enemy of good".

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Mars:
He works best who knows his trade. Look before you leap, but having leapt never look back. If job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Advertizing is the engine of progress. Win at all costs. Creative idea. Presentation. Craftsman. Master. Gifted hands. Professionalism. Perfection. Achievement. Result. Business plan. Public image. Rehearsal. Exercise. Classic style.

Famous owners of the White Mars and relevant examples from their biographies:
Winston Churchill, Tom Hanks, Sergei Yesenin, John F. Kennedy, Ginger Rogers.

Black Mars

Manifestations of Black Mars in life of its owner are varied and unpredictable. As a rule, a person with Black Mars is a grateful viewer, who is sensitive to beauty and perfection of other’s masterpieces. Meanwhile, as if passing, he can give a piece of good advice or produce an original idea. At the same time it is not easy to make a clear plan of actions in his work and achieve the goal consistently. Most likely, it will seem boring or difficult and then there would be need for help from the outside. However, in situations which require improvisation, spontaneity and immediacy, Black Mars is able to show the most amazing and sometimes stunning results. Black Mars declares about himself with a revolutionary approach in art, breaking stereotypes, discovering and introducing into the cultural baggage of humanity fundamentally new means of expression, ideas and forms. Inspiration as a gift from above is a necessary and primary condition for true creativity according to the Black Mars. However, the result of the creative act is often unexpected even for the creator. Works of art created by Black Mars owners are sometimes perceived as extremely unusual, bizarre, weird and some of them still remain misunderstood and unappreciated by the contemporaries.

Vincent Van Gogh (Black Mars), world famous Dutch artist postimpressionist of the second half of the XIX century produced about 800 paintings during his life but sold only one. The audience did not acknowledge his work and Vincent reacted quite painful. Financial support was provided to Van Gogh by his younger brother, Theo van Gogh. Since the 1970s Vincent Van Gogh was one of the world's most expensive artists. And the prices for his works continue to grow.

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Mars:
The wish is the father of the need. No pain – no gain. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Sudden insight. Improvisation. Spontaneity. Stream of consciousness. A gift from above. Intuitive insight. Abstractionism. Avant-garde. Innovator. Discoverer. Revolutionist. Inspiration. Intuition. Miracle. Discovery.

Famous owners of the Black Mars and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.