Gray chakras

Gray chakrasIt happens that a person clearly feels the characteristics of both chakra directions. This may be due to the periodic but pretty powerful inclusions of the reverse flow (the principle of "breathing" of the chakras), which "confuses the cards" and prevents from dentifying the color of the chakra clearly. Such situation arises in the case of "gray" chakras very often.

Gray chakras are the chakras in which the inversion direction is facilitated. At the same time, each gray chakra always corresponds to one main direction. That is why they can be relatively divided into gray-white and gray-black.

It is more natural and comfortable for gray chakra, like any other, to work in a forward direction. Inversion direction still has a rough ride. However, in this case, the effect of the inversion direction is much more efficient and, as a consequence, it is possible to modify one’s behavior. Gray chakra gives the owner the opportunity of gaining a greater degree of freedom in those spheres of life, which is directly related to this chakra. It also allows you to be more flexible, easier to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances while achieving a high degree of efficiency.

For example, Gray Mars, no matter what basic direction it has, gives a greater variety of tools and ways of self-expression, combining a conscious commitment to excellence with improvisation and innovation. Perhaps, this is why most outstanding artists have gray Martian chakra.

Gray-Black Mercury is able to soften the temper of the owner and can give a good manager who can, on the one hand, keep the situation under control, and on the other - to make the necessary concessions and find compromise solutions. "The one who wants to order should be able to obey. This is the only way he will learn to manage" - this also corresponds to the temper of Gray-Black Mercury.

The presence of the Gray chakra is a good chance to go beyond one’s own limitations, to learn to approach the situation from different angles, to expand the range of perception of the corresponding circle of life phenomena and most fully express the inner individuality.

However, a gray chakra may give the temptation too use the reverse flow too intensively. Therefore it is necessary to bear in mind that the constant work on inversion direction, even in the case of gray chakra, in the long term provides the risk of exhaustion and "breakage" of the energy structure.