The celebrity gallery - Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Time of birth:
15.8.1769 11:30:00
Time zone: +1
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) — the Emperor of the French during 1804 - 1815's, the great military leader and statesman, who laid the foundations of modern France.

Interesting facts

The guiding star (the White Mercury, the Black Jupiter)
Napoleon believed in his star and unconditionally followed it, overcoming the obstacles and dangers. Napoleon suddenly decides to leave the place of his imprisonment on Elba island and come back with a thousand of soldiers of Elba garrison to France at the end of February 1815. He made this decision after talking to his mother, an intelligent, strong and courageous woman. "Go, my son, and follow your destiny. Perhaps ill luck will come to you and then the death will overtake you. I can see in sorrow that you cannot stay here. Let's hope that God, who kept you alive in so many battles, will save you once again". Napoleon's great awareness of the situation in France and the universal discontent with Bourbons contributed to such decision as well. Taking advantage of the situation, the Emperor came to Paris soon and regained his power. French people welcomed the Emperor, shouting "Death to the Bourbons".

The restless spirit (the White Sun)
In an effort to expand the borders of the empire, Napoleon's restless spirit has never looked at his laurels. Unwilling to be satisfied with the conquest of the the nearby European countries, Bonaparte makes distant and risky trips to Egypt and Syria, and later commits fatal for the French army invasion to Russia.
However, Napoleon put himself on record not only as a conqueror, but also as a very progressive for the time statesman. While he was in exile and evaluated his actions on the island of Saint Helena, Napoleon said that his glory consists not in the fact that he won six dozen of battles, but in the fact that he created the Civil Code, or "The Napoleon’s Code". His administrative and legal innovations changed the political system of the country radically and laid the foundation of modern France. Besides that, many of Napoleon’s laws operate up to now.

The true romantic (the White Venus)
It appeared to be a very interesting fact from Napoleon’s life that he was a true romantic. He was ready to do a lot of things for his beloved. If he was appointed a rendezvous, he completely left all his important matters behind. He also forgot about his subordinates and completely plunged into love affairs. He was a good poet and could compose a very long poem for his beloved. Napoleon grew up in a large family and the cult of family was in the first place for him. As they said, he was an incomparable family man, loved children and always dreamed about them. In addition, Napoleon was just head over heels in love with his wife Josephine.

The War: a profitable business (The Black Moon)
Taking the command over the Italian army in 1796, Bonaparte found it in the most pitiful financial situation. The salary was not paid, ammunition and supplies was almost not provided. Napoleon managed to solve these issues partially, but he knew that for the complete solution there is a need to go into enemy’s territory and organize the supply of the army at their expense.
"To prosecute a war I need three things: firstly, the money, secondly, the money and thirdly, the money", said Napoleon. Considering the army as a "good" which can bring quick profit, the great conqueror compared himself to a trader: "The leader is like a merchant who has invested in business and expects the profit". However, the real sources of investments were the resources of the conquered states and French economy. The commander was only a "mediator".

One needs to be a good loser (The White Saturn)
Having pretty aggressive temper, as he wrote in his diary, he fought with almost all young men at college. That fact that sometimes the enemy was much bigger and stronger did not stop him. It should be said that Napoleon was not very tall, on the contrary, he was short. He was as often the winner as the loser. Apparently, the future emperor was preparing himself to the fate where his ability to adequately lose will be as necessary as the ability to win with these "battles" with the peers. "A true hero plays a chess game during the battle, regardless of its outcome" - the great commander will say.

The military genius (the Black Mars, the Black Jupiter, the White Saturn)
Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be a military genius of his time. He invented a new strategy and tactics, and became one of the greatest generals in the history. Time, place and other circumstances greatly contributed to his rise of course, but his talent is undeniable. Like Caesar, he was not hiding in the rear; he was in the middle of the battle, fighting with his soldiers, personally inspiring and encouraging them. Perhaps, some of Napoleon’s sayings about the art of war will help to understand his phenomenon better:
— Firstly you should engage yourself in a serious battle and then you’ll see.
— I have almost never given any detailed instructions to my generals: I just told them to win.
— Courageous but inexperienced soldiers are the best prerequisite for the victory. Give them a glass of vodka before sending into the battle and you may rest assured.
— Every great affair always has some part left on the chance.
— Military art is the art of being stronger than an enemy at a certain moment.