The Element of Fire

«New ways are found by those who are ready to be lost» Jean Rostand

The Fire

The Fire is the element of discoverers and explorers, innovations in different fields including science and art. People with brightly expressed element of the Fire sometimes become the predictors and prophets who can open the veil of the future and bear new knowledge to the humankind. At the same time, they are not the teachers but the transmitters of the information going via them. The Fire element connects a person with the heavenly world, allowing him to draw various information, ideas, thoughts and images. The main attribute of the Fire element is the invisible informational channel transferring the energy of the subtle world. One should follow the chakra flows, typical for the Fire for the correct use of this channel.

The work with the Fire element supposes consistency, concentration of attention and focus on the attribute (the information channel) as it leads to periodic “enlightenments” of the Black Sun. This or that idea comes through the informational channel giving the sun’s energy to a person and the inception impulse to start moving.

Setting up the channel is usually carried out in silence and solitude, “behind the closed door”. Group and team efforts are not applicable in this case, so the White Moon helps people “on their own wavelength” to overcome periods of necessary solitude and emotional isolation.

The element of Fire requires a person to be discipline, obedient and sometimes fully subdue the life to interests and rules of the higher egregore transmitting the information. Being more flexible to external limitations allows the White Mercury to react and complete tasks in a way that is more adequate. In this case, following the unalterable law of the “highest will” brings very specific sense.

It doesn’t matter how concentrated and discipline person is and how much efforts he puts into his work, it is not sufficient without complete absorption of work and a crush on his own business. The information channel and the egregore ruling it should take their specific and exclusive place in the heart of the White Venus, which is peculiar to the element of Fire.

The function of the Black Mars is to reflect and to imprint the receiving information, provide it with the respective form for further transmission. For instance, at the icon “Apostle Luka, the Evangelist, painting the icon of Holy Mother” (XVI century) we see how the angel operates the hand of the painter. It is the process of the creation of the miracle, when the result is mostly depends on the sensibility and skill of passing the divine energy through oneself, and much less on the human imagination and mastership.

Connection to the fire element gives the opportunity to receive knowledge of the worldview nature and makes a significant influence on person’s believes and values systems. The skills like to learn something new, easily adopt new information and to be a kind of an “agelong apprentice” are the features of the Black Jupiter.

Finally, the Fire requires the energy of the White Saturn from a person, as the true devotion usually goes along with the hardship, severities, and deprivation. Firmness and humility regardless how bad the circumstances are, self-renunciation and readiness to sacrifice are the base qualities stating about the faith and adhesion to the matter.

The effect of chakra flows peculiar to the element of Fire played a significant role in difficult but amazing life of Russian poet and great thinker Daniil Andreev (the Fire). His work was the sense of his life, performance of the duty laid on him from above. In his main philosophic work Roza Mira (The Rose of the World) he shares his personal mystical experience: «Couldn’t I appreciate my fortune for that decade of my life when my living conditions «…» became a great tool in opening up my spiritual organs? Only in the prison, being isolated from the external world with its unlimited leisure time, during more than a thousand and five hundred sleepless nights spent in my bed among my sleeping comrades, exactly in the prison and only there I experienced a new phase of metahistoric and transphysical perception. Episodes of metahistoric enlightenments happened more frequently. Long nights were full of complete contemplation and apprehension. Deeper memory started to send to consciousness more and more clear images, enlightening the events of my private life as well as the historic and current events with a new sense. And in the morning, having awaken after a short but deep sleep I knew that my sleep wasn’t full of dreams, but completely different to them transphysical travels».

The work of Daniil Andreev represents his religious and philosophic worldview system. Andreev wrote that during his transcendental journeys to other worlds he heard the names of those who were the bearers of dark and light powers (Gangtung, Jarosvet, Navna, and others), names of the macrocosm layers (Enrof, Shadanakar). Andreev described the mystical revelation by expressive metaphors, unusual rhythms and newly coined words. The poet explained the need to invent new words by the following:

“Familiar words are fine and cute,
But ancient bottles do not fruit
Green and new wines.
The new idea brings new signs
by mage and maker of the rhymes,
the seeker for new lines”.

Key words and phrases characterizing the element of Fire:
Only a perpetual student can invent an eternal engine. To invent something is easier than to provide the practical application to the invention. Only those who are ready to be lost can find new ways. The prophecy is the truth that usually comes too early, and it is recalled when it is too late. Without a search for something unexpected you’ll never reach something unsearchable and unobtainable. The long expected revelations brightly enlighten sufferings and ordeals passed on the way. They often make revelations behind the closed door. UFO. Apparent death. Not of this world. Discover secret knowledge. Esotery. Be on one’s own wave. Apprentice. Novice. Inventor. Discoverer. Missionary from the future. Prophet. Messenger. Soothsayer. Predictor. Medium. Transmitter. Vaticinator. Informational channel. Confession. Revelation. Eureka. Enlightenment. Intuitive enlightenment. Intuition. Insight.

Famous people representing the element of Fire:
Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo da Vinci, Daniil Andreev, Anton Chekhov, Sai Baba.