Ajna (Jupiter)

Chakra AjnaChakra Ajna

Ajna corresponds to Jupiter. It is directly related to such concepts as knowledge, principles and outlook. The most obvious example of the Jupiter energy faced in life is learning process, where teaching and discipleship can be seen as different sides of the same coin.

White Jupiter

A person with White Jupiter can be called a born teacher, mentor and a preacher to some extent. Such person on each issue has a particular point of view, which usually considers the only true and he is ready to convince other people in this. However, the inherent tendency to absolutize any principle (to measure everything with the same measure) often leads to loss of objectivity and inability to perceive the real picture of life in its diversity. Owners of the White Jupiter may experience discomfort and difficulty in learning, especially during the school years, because they tend to study seriously just what is really important
for them.

John Lennon (White Jupiter), who always behaved like a real guru, said: "When I was 5 years old, my mother told me that the most important thing in life is to be happy. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I wrote "happy". They told me "You do not understand the task!" I replied, "You do not understand the life!" Having grew up, Lennon expressed his points of view as in songs, as in public speeches. He evangelized the ideas of peace, equality and brotherhood of people. This made him the idol of hippies and one of the most important public figures of the 1960-70s.

White Jupiter appreciates consistency, completeness and depth of knowledge in fields of his interest. In his actions he is consistent, pedantic, sometimes even boring, because he tries to accomplish all matters. Such person allows himself to read a book only from cover to cover, and it is not easy to quit in the middle of a boring book, switching to something else. Due to lack of flexibility sometimes he is a hostage of his own fidelity to the principles and uncompromising, which largely limits the choices in a given situation. This property causes a lot of problems for him and others, but it also can be a support in the struggle for justice and establishment of high human values.

Protecting the rights of Afro-Americans, John F. Kennedy (White Jupiter) implemented the sequential introduction of democratic principles. In 1962, the governor of Mississippi forbade Afro-American James Meredith to attend university. The president on television urged citizens to obey the law of Mississippi. After this the students who did not want to study with Black started disorders. Kennedy sent troops there and Meredith was accepted to the university. "The nation will not be truly free until all of its citizens are free" – that is how the president explained his position.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Jupiter:
I want to come to the point in everything. Sow the reasonable, the good, the eternal. The property of a teacher is not to oscillate in what he says. Most of the teachers are those who will not interrupt reading the lectures on navigation, even if the ship is sinking. It is easier to fight for your principles than to live in harmony with them. Circumstances are changeable but not the principles. Teacher, do not forgive mistakes of others to yourself. Truly principled are only the most impractical people. Principles are the traps of the temper. To measure with one measure. Tar everyone with the same brush. Fighter for the truth. Carthage must be destroyed. The end crowns the work. Work done, have your fun. The depth of knowledge. Dig deep. Certain worldview. Impose own value system. Impart knowledge. Teacher. Lecturer. Preacher. Guru. Mentor. Edify. Point a moral. Enlighten. Educate. Suggest. Bring to reason. Persuade. Apologist. Pedant. Nuisance. Fidelity to one’s principles. Omnitude. Completeness. Generalize. Successive. Systematicity. Exhaustive. Absolute. Global. Holistic. Fundamental. Basic. Inflexible. Persistent. Uncompromising. Irreconcilable.

Famous owners of the White Jupiter and relevant examples from their biographies:
Winston Churchill, Sergei Yesenin, John Lennon, John Kennedy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.

Black Jupiter

Black Jupiter gives plasticity and flexibility of perception. Thanks to that the owners are able to see the full range of possibilities the life gives. It can be difficult to decide for him which way to prefer, as there are always a lot of roads. Instead of the final choice of a profession, such person often likes to learn endlessly, it feeds him, gives strength to do other things, not necessarily related to the subject of study. As a rule, a little slight curiosity, sometimes turning into inquisitiveness is peculiar to Black Jupiter. Choosing a book in the store, he likes to look at the end to find out how it ends. At the same time, his "omnivorous" behavior and inclination to master information casually can contribute to the development of many-sided and multifaceted personality.

Tom Hanks (Black Jupiter) the actor, who remains an example for beginners, an orienting point for professionals and a genius for the audience, but for himself he is an eternal student in the world of cinema. According to him, each new role gives him an amazing opportunity to learn as from the partners in the film, as from those characters he plays. "Every time after filming I try to take something from fictional lives to the real one. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not", says the actor.

Often in the search of the best option a person with the Black Jupiter tries and looks over everything, without coming to a final decision, because what was important yesterday today is irrelevant. He is ready to throw the started matter midway, if the changed circumstances request this, and switch to something more meaningful in these conditions. However, if the Black Jupiter manages to take the right direction and achieve serious heights in his field, he becomes a role model, following which people gain the opportunity to learn and improve.

Bruce Lee (Black Jupiter) even after his death continues to inspire many fans and followers being the example to follow. The widow of the actor, Linda Lee Cadwell, writes: "Bruce Lee - an example to follow, a sample of the hero and the real human person. I think the main thing here is the depth of his own philosophy, which, whether he wanted it or not, clearly emerges in films with his participation and in his writings. The impact of his personality was so strong that you were drawn into his inner world, your attitudes and beliefs were changing and the consciousness was rebuilt".

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Jupiter:
We all seek what is better. Even in the company of two people I’ll certainly find something to learn; I will try to imitate their merits and I will learn from their drawbacks. The teacher does not reveal the truth, he is the conductor of truth, which each student should discover for himself; a good teacher is only an accelerator. The way of preaching is long; the way of examples is short and successful. He has not a point of view but points of ellipsis. Principles are the prejudices that limit freedom; only you define the size of your bonds. Those are my principles and if you do not like them I have some other. Sequence in politics is a collective suicide; a good politician is always inconsistent. Politics is the art of the possible. Women always see the personality in matters and derive the principles from their personal affections. Mind of wide scope. Trim the sails to the wind. Everything is relative. Seize the opportunity. Take the opportunity. Look for the benefits. To rely on the fortune, luck. Bend with the wind. Go where the wind blows. Go with the flow. Scratch the surface. Learn, learn and learn. Live and learn! Role model. Buridan's ass. Eternal student. Eternal disciple. Hear out. Drink in learning. Domesticate. Borrow. Disciple. Follower. Student. Stud. Temporization. Variability. Variety. Multiplicity. Inquisitiveness. Curiosity.

Famous owners of the Black Jupiter and relevant examples from their biographies:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom Hanks, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers.