The element of Air

«After a brilliant sermon the congregation praises the preacher and after a good sermon – the Lord»
Charles Finney

The Air

The element of Air gathers the attention of society around the intangible values, expressed in form of certain ideas, philosophical systems, concepts, artwork, etc. The main attribute of the element of Air is the formation of public opinion. During this process there may occur the implicit or explicit struggle for the influence between the Air ideas. The same way, for example, we may see the competition between religious movements, youth subcultures or popular artists. The Air in a sense is an agitator, a propagandist, a preacher, which allows to master the minds and hearts of the potential devotees, disciples, followers, supporters and fans.

This is the element of informal leaders, spiritual teachers, churchmen and many performing artists, musicians, writers, poets. Thanks to them, the ideas spread, gain strength and create a circle of the associates. That is why we may say that the element of Air makes ideological unification in society. The successful work with the Air energy is accompanied by the adjustment to the chakra flows peculiar to this element.

Rich life experience, a variety of impressions, a wide circle of communication, travels and journeys are the necessary ideological and creative material for a person with the element of Air. This material is subsequently generalized, shaped and it acquires a new meaning. Therefore, one of the most active chakras of the element of Air is the White Sun. The task of the sun chakra is also to widespread the idea, to "infect" people and, perhaps, to serve as an impetus for certain changes in their lives.

The formation of public opinion, as the main Air attribute, implies that a person working with this element should have a high degree of social inclusion and contact. The Air strives to ensure that people are united around the idea, becoming the associates. The Black Moon manifests in this case in the form of establishing social ties and using them successfully, attracting the help of sponsors and patrons.

The Air ideas often contravene to the generally accepted and prevailing systems of rules and regulations, which no longer correspond to the spiritual needs of the whole society or a part of it. However, nature abhors a vacuum and to replace the outdated and broken frames, a new, more current version of the "moral code" which directs and organizes human behavior is proposes. This is the task of the Black Mercury.

The Air leader represents the idea he preaches in some sense. He needs to be noticed, to make a strong impression, to kindle the interest of other people and to hold the attention. The Black Venus, as a rule, gives a person bright charisma and magnetism which is quite powerful tool for influencing the audience’s opinion. "It is not enough to have merits; one should be able to please people" Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield.

In addition, aiming at popularity, the Air carefully looks for the most appropriate means of expression that are understandable and accessible for a wide range of people. The perfection of a form, its brevity and beauty play important role in this case, because the correct presentation can make the idea more convincing and attractive, acting at logical and emotional level. Dedication and thoroughness of the White Mars help to achieve the desired effect consciously.

A person actively working with the element of Air is always a teacher. Giving the energy of the White Jupiter, it brings a particular system of beliefs, values, principles, trying to attach it to other people. Similarly, the Air connects the society and the heavenly world, making it possible to rise above the ordinary and turn our gaze to the sky, feeling the belonging to something global. "A person may live without a prayer, but never without the ability to pray" Emil M. Cioran.

The Air leader is often completely identified with his idea, and in the eyes of the crowd he is not just an outstanding person, but a hero, an idol, who is idolized and worshiped. Such idealization is both powerful energy support and a great temptation for the Black Saturn. However, only a strong connection with high egregore can give him the true security and spiritual strength. "The faith in holy cause often replaces the lost of belief in oneself" Eric Hoffer.

A good example, revealing the essence and nature of the element of Air is the life and career of the writer and the cult legend of Brazilian literature Paulo Coelho (the element of Air). "When I was young, I was a hippie and traveled around the world without money. It taught me to rely on people’s help and how to contact with people, which is the most important thing for a writer", he said in one of his interviews.

The rebellion against the will of the parents, drop out of the university, psychiatric hospital, the hippie movement, amateur theater, rock music, participation in the struggle against the dictatorship, prison... Paulo Coelho’s biography as the biography of any extraordinary person is full of interesting events, unexpected twists and dramatism. He can help to look at life from a different angle, to find great things in small, to look at life with optimism and to find the strength to love like no one else.

Despite the fact that Paulo wanted to become a writer since he was a child, he had tried himself as a journalist, dramatist and producer before a fateful meeting in Amsterdam in 1982 occurred... His whole life changes dramatically after the meeting with a member of the Catholic Order «RAM» existing since 1492. Having joined the order, Paulo makes a mandatory for the members of the order pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, having passed 80 kilometers from France to Spain. From this moment begins a new biography of Paulo Coelho, who returned from a trip to the medieval trail, found himself and finally found the main occupation of his life.

Whatever he is called – the alchemist of words or the phenomenon of mass culture - Paulo Coelho remains the most influential writer of the new century. The total edition of his books in all languages is more than 300 million. The readers from over than 150 countries, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation, recognized him as the leading novelist of our time. His books, translated into many languages, not only occupy the first rows in the bestseller lists, but also generate socio-cultural debates and discussions. The philosophical background, the ideas and stories of his books touch the most delicate strings in the hearts of millions of readers, finding their way to the comprehension of the world.

Key words and phrases characterizing the element of Air:
Evolution is the increase of consciousness; increase of consciousness is the action for unity. Gods live only with our prayers. Faith is the wing of the prayer. A person is what he believes in. The spirit inevitably tends upwards - to the ideals. Ideal is pure and simple culmination point of the logic, just like the beauty is pure and simple pinnacle of truth. They despise the authority in youth only because they are looking for the idols. Idols are created from human hopes. Follow the crowd, and the crowd will never follow you. They die only for the sake of what they should live for. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Build castles in the air. Stairway to heaven. Moral code. Spiritual hierarchy. Master of the minds. Freethinking. Progressive ideas. Dissidence. Recusance. Nonconformity. Dreams. Ideals. Ideology. Beliefs. Faith. Spiritual search. Search for the meaning of the life. The pursuit of truth. Church service. Liturgy. Prayer. Parable. Oath. Public protest. Street demonstrations. Manifestation. Peace march. Fighter for the truth. Educator. Clergyman. Teacher. Preacher. Spiritual leader. Guru. Publicity. Voice of the people. Choral singing. Freedom of speech. Freedom of conscience. Human rights. History. Theology. Art history. Public opinion. Public consciousness. Secret society. Masonic Lodge. Agitation. Propaganda. Journalism. Media. Fan. Beatlemania.

Famous people representing the element of Air:
Sergei Yesenin, Francis Ford Coppola, Marie Curie, Silvio Berlusconi, Richard Bach, Paulo Coelho, Gerard Depardieu.