Muladhara (Sun)

Chakra MuladharaChakra Muladhara

Chakra Muladhara is associated with the sun. It symbolizes the fundamental choice of a person concerning the desire to come into being, to be successful and realized in life. Solar energy first of all turns on at decision-making moments, starting with small and daily and ending with the most fateful.

White Sun

White Sun is like a sunbeam, which is characterized by lightness, agility and variability. A person with the White Sun, as a rule, is "easy-going", loves hiking, trips, travels, and it is difficult for them to stay at home on weekends. Lack of variety and routine is depressing for them, that is why, they often feel the need for the new experiences and a change of scenery. In the life of such person, there is always a place for interesting acquaintance, fascinating hobby or adventure, even if it is a small one. "Home - work - home" - is the formula which clearly does not suit them.

The profession of an actor, like no other, gives great opportunities to satisfy the natural human desire for the infinite variety of life and adventure."Every child dreams to become an astronaut, a cowboy, a soldier: I made all these dreams come true..." - said Tom Hanks (White Sun) in an interview. An actor, a screenwriter, a director, a producer... Hanks is always interested in trying himself in a new role and experiencing new sensations.

The owners of the White Sun are usually the initiators of all sorts of changes, as in their own lives, as in the life of their social environment. They are idea generators, always coming up with and offering something, trying to share their enthusiasm with others. However, a person with the White Sun sometimes disperses the forces on too many activities, as a result, they feel a chronic shortage of time and they just don’t have time to realize something important. While taking certain decisions, they must learn to weigh all "pros" and "cons" carefully. In addition, one should remember that something new is not surely better than the old one, and it is always easier to destroy than build.

Key words and phrases characterizing the White Sun:
It is better to regret something you have done than something you haven't. A rolling stone gathers no moss. To trade bad for worse. A quick mare is in time everywhere. The morning sun never lasts a day. Time works great changes. Turn over a new leaf. Rolling-stone. Quick off the mark. Entertainer. Enthusiast. Activist. Reformer. Initiative. Alterations. Changes. Move. Renewal. Rearrangement. Reorganization. Dynamics. Variety. Development. Idea. Offer. Undertake. Go forward. Inconstant. Temporary. Agile.

Famous owners of the White Sun and relevant examples from their biography:
Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom Hanks, Sergei Yesenin, John Lennon, John Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrei Tarkovsky.

Black Sun

Black Sun is stable, it will not change for the sake of change. This kind of person in response to "let's..." answers "let's have no let’s" and the disturber of stability seems to lose the fuse. A person with the Black Sun tends to be very conservative. Peace and confidence in the future are the most important, the main components of well-being for them. So they usually appreciate what they have. The dramatic and rapid changes, even if they are generally positive, cause discomfort for such person and may even throw them off the stride. Of course, it does not mean that nothing happens and changes in the life of the Black Sun owners. However, the realization of the fundamental need for the «new turn», and even more - the actions in this direction, should be formed and matured. It can be a long-lasting process. On the other hand, such people always try to make decisions advisedly and judiciously.

Winston Churchill (Black Sun) changed his habits unwillingly. As he was a confirmed bachelor, the proposal to his future wife was not on the spot decision. However, in 1908, Winston and Clementine got spliced and settled in a mansion on Eccleston street in London. Then Churchill had to forget not only about his old bachelor apartment, but also about his old way of life. It was the most difficult for him. At the same time, according to Churchill, his wife made his life more regular and calm. She became a faithful companion throughout his life.

On the other hand, the changes in the life of the Black Sun owner often happen under the pressure of various external factors caused by surrounding people or circumstances, but in any case, it will be incredibly difficult to "budge" such person: there definitely will be the resistance.

Key words and phrases characterizing the Black Sun:
Measure thrice and cut once. More haste, less speed. May you not live in interesting times. Take counsel of one’s pillow. Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. It is easier to pull down than to build. Status quo. Still water. Run in place. Home-bird. Conservative. Mossback. To slow down. To preserve. To hold on. To strengthen. Tradition. Monotony. Habit. Stability. Inertness. Constant. Firm. Fixed. Slow. Set. Passive. Statics. Permanence. Forever. Evermore.

Famous owners of the Black Sun and relevant examples from their biography:
Winston Churchill, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe.