The celebrity gallery - Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Time of birth:
8.1.1935 04:35:00
Time zone: -6
Elvis Aaron Presley (1935 — 1977) — an American singer and actor, one of the most commercially successful pop singers of the XX century. A set phrase "The King of Rock and Roll" is associated with Elvis Presley.

Interesting facts

The Entertainment (The White Sun)
Elvis could not stand the monotony. A huge number of people was coming to noisy parties into his house every time, including complete strangers. "What I like about the fame, it's the fact that you have so many friends", said the singer. Elvis had a chimpanzee named Scatter for fun. The singer gave whiskey to Scatter and drunken chimpanzee was starting fighting with the guests. Link to the entertainment inspired Presley to found his own football club, called by his name. All the players used doping and then played a few games in a row. Elvis really loved the horses and was an excellent rider. Also, he really liked big pleasure yachts and he has studied the California coast well over the years, and also he has been to Hawaii a lot of times. However, the main entertainment in the singer's life was the girls, and he changed them endlessly. "Girls are not a hobby, it's rather a fun", said Elvis himself. He had everything in life: fanatical fans, fame, money and extraordinary talent. However, as his wife Priscilla said, "He has gone mad from idleness and boredom".

The generosity (The White Moon)
According to Priscilla, Elvis "was a generous man, always caring, always attentive to the needs of others". Elvis Presley was actively involved in charity work and was very fond of giving the presents. In the hometown of Tupelo, he founded the Children's Hospital, generously placing the earned money there. Presley´s charity activity will later become a tradition: many hospitals, schools, memorials will be built on his personal funds. "The King" bought homes to his friends and paid for their weddings. Once he bought 14 limousines and immediately gave one of them to an unfamiliar visitor of the showroom. At one concert Elvis gave a ring valued $7 thousands to his fan.

The business (White Mercury and the Black Mars)
Elvis Presley was not great in business. That is why to some extent, he was becoming a puppet in the hands of his producers, Sam Phillips at first, and Tom Parker later. Tom said to a naive young man once, "You are talented and attractive, and I'm sure I can work a miracle and make us as rich as Raja". Parker was a clever and successful businessman in the world of show business. He did not make mistake in his choice. Tom grabbed Presley and did not let the singer till his death, forcing him to follow his instructions. No wonder, because every dollar earned by Elvis brought him fifty cents.

The creativity (Black (Grey) Mars)
The main feature of Elvis Presley is that he was the first of the musicians who created what today is called the image. In his image of a rebel every detail, starting from hairstyles, costumes and finishing with a weary look, was thought through. Elvis was original in everything related to the manner of the play. Elvis’s dance should be specially noted. His movements on stage were quite flamboyant, the audience was shocked at first, but later it exploded with rough delight. Elvis’s dance was gaining more and more fans, and Presley was recognized as a sex symbol. The essence of Elvis’s dance is jerky, rhythmic movements, resembling the convulsions of the patient a bit if you look at it with detached gaze. The main elements of the dance are the steps and jumps on the feet with knees turned inside. The movements which Presley used on the stage later became the basis of the dance styles such as boogie-woogie and rock and roll. "Someone stamps the foot, someone snaps the fingers, and someone sways back and forth. I just began to do it all at once", E. Presley.

The fortune (The Black Jupiter)
Elvis Presley was pathologically shy when he was a young man and could not dream that he was destined to become the patriarch of a new trend in the music of the twentieth century. "I picked up a guitar, and was watching the way people play it, and I learned to play a little. But I was shy and did not want to sing in public", E. Presley. But fortune has repeatedly intervened his life. One day on his birthday Elvis with his mother came into the store. The boy dreamed about a gun, but his mother got her own way and Elvis was bought a real guitar. Once in July 1953 Elvis took the day off and asked the studio to record two songs as a present for his mother. Marion Keysker, a sound engineer, really liked him. She memorized him and was constantly bothered his boss to pay attention to the boy. Later Elvis said, "I would never become a singer if I didn’t meet Marion. This woman believed in me and pushed at the very beginning. Of course, the studio belonged to Sam (Phillips), but it was Marion who persuaded him to record me". Finally, Sam Phillips, the first producer of Elvis Presley, has repeatedly told to his friends: "If I have found a white, who would sing like a black, I would have earned a million". When he saw Presley’s performance, he realized that this is the one he was looking for. We can say that it is the fortune which largely determined the fate of the "King of Rock and Roll".

The Glory: two sides of the same coin (The Black Saturn)
Jerry Schering, a friend of a singer recalls: "He liked to perform for the public, he liked to be Elvis Presley, and he was delighted by the fact that he was looked at like a deity". Presley is an idol that is worshiped more than one generation for the Americans. They still refer to him as simply as "the King". However, the bright image of the energetic singer, the favorite of millions was hiding extremely vulnerable person. By the end of the life the need to appear at the public scared Elvis so much, that he could not go on stage without taking another dose of the drug.
The last straw, which stroke Presley, was a book of his former bodyguards, "What happened to Elvis?" Savoring the details of his personal life, they called him a drug addict, sex maniac, necrophile. Hypersensitive Elvis was horrified at the thought of the impending collapse of his image. He worked himself to a frenzy, asking the same questions: "How people will take this devilry? What will Lisa Marie think about her father?"

The women (The White Venus)
Thousands of mistresses and two beloveds were in his life. One of them was his mother, the other - his wife. Both left him in result. Elvis adored Gladys (this was the name of his mother), and until the end of his days he called her "his best girlfriend". His mother's death was a tragedy for young Elvis. He was never able to recover from it. When he saw Priscilla, his first and only wife, for the first time he thought for some reason: "My mother is back! She only has the hair of different color". Priscilla was the only close person, brightening the inner loneliness of the King. Thus, when she was fed up with permanent party in the house and announced that she leaved him, it was a severe blow for Elvis. After the divorce, he began to sink lower and lower, and August 16, 1977 he died of a heart attack.